dimanche 27 février 2011

Pepper, goat cheese and tuna tart

Again another great weekend!! 2011 New Year’s good resolution is to go back into drawing and sketching. It’s easier to do when you have other sketchers around you, so I joined the Dublin sketcher club for the past few weeks. Basically we meet up every Sunday in Dublin in different places to sketch, help and support each other. Sometimes sketching in public can be bit scary. If you are drawing in public, people will try to catch a glimpse above your shoulders and comment. At least within a group, it’s less scary.


Through the sketcher group, I came to hear about’ Dr Sketchy’ alternative sketching event. Sketching models dressed up as Tank girl or a weird mutant….. Still can’t tell if Johnny Trigger was a giant rabbit or a giant Kangaroo!!


Anyway with all of this, I just did not get a chance to do the groceries this weekend.

Going through my pantry or super messy cupboard, I ended up with eggs, cheese, tuna and pepper.

So, in Monday lunch box it’s going to be Pepper, goat cheese and tuna tart. It’s actually the second time doing this recipe. I like the combination.

Lay the short-crust pastry in a pie dish.

I guess I could have baked the pastry, but I don’t have time.

Then mix the tuna with herbs, and lay on bottom of the pie dish, then add sliced of goat cheese log.

In bowl, beat the egg and cream together, add nutmeg, salt and pepper. Don’t use too much salt as the goat cheese is salty. Pour the mix over the tuna.

Wash and slice the pepper. I sliced it within the width instead of the length. I ended up with circle of pepper and pushed them onto the top of the tart. It looks impressive.

Bake in a warm over for about 35/40min.

It was really quick to make, maybe half hour max. I had to make the short-crust pastry which is also pretty quick. It’s now in the oven, and it smells delicious!

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